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The Roman Nymphomaniac Empress | History of Yesterday

The orgies of Messalina by Federico Faruffini (Image: Wikimedia Commons) All the Roman writers who wrote about Messalina described her as a nymphomaniac. She definitely was one of the most magnetic and beautiful women of her time. Messalina was a young wife married to an old husband. Perhaps Claudius was not interested in lovemaking anymore.

The History of the Ancient Roman Orgy that Inspired NSFW ...

For religious ceremonies that basically amounted to orgies, the events were pretty well organized. This wasn’t just a bunch of people in the Roman empire who wanted to party, these were people who wanted to worship a particular god, whose events just so happened to be really popular.

Roman Scandal 4: Orgies of Bacchus - YouTube

Around 180BC the patricians launched a witch-hunt against a lower class cult centered on Bacchanalian rites, which had more to do with upper class paranoia t...

The Roman Orgy - YouTube

A short film made in Paris by Louis Feuillade in 1911. It shows the wicked life style and assassination of a Roman Emperor. In the first scene he is with a b...

Controversial Sexual Habits In Ancient Times. Egypt, Rome ...

Bedroom walls of the old Roman houses are full of frescoes showing scenes of explicit sex, downright pornographic. Homosexual men have accepted only an inferior social status. And in this case, as in ancient Greece, which was a passive partner became despicable, being considered effeminate, while the man who had the active role was criticized as a vrreun .

8 Parties So Wild They Made It Into History Books - HISTORY

7. Roman Bacchanalia were secretive cultic parties that may have been orgies. Scholars still debate what went on at the Bacchanalia, Rome’s cultic celebrations of the wine god Bacchus, but if ...

5 Bizarre Stories of Sexual Perversion from Ancient Rome That ...

This even included the wives of Roman noblemen who were powerless to stop Caligula. Afterward, to add insult to injury, Caligula would publicly comment on how his victims had performed in bed.

A Detailed Look Into What Sex Was Like in Ancient Rome

Outside of slaves, entertainers were the lowest rung of Roman society, and were occasionally treated as such. Since gladiators were, relatively speaking, top-tier entertainers of Rome, it's no surprise plenty of men and women wanted to indulge their desires by sleeping with the performers.

10 Stories About Nero More Shocking Than Fiction - Listverse

Orgies, of course! Reportedly, people in the palace would eat until they vomited and then couple for massive sex parties while rose petals fell on them from above. All the decadence might have been forgivable—except that Nero built his sex palace right after the Great Fire of Rome when people needed aid.

10 Horrifying Tortures Used in Ancient Rome - Listverse

10 Sewn Into a Donkey. If you’re looking for cruel and unusual forms of torture, you don’t have to look any further than ancient Rome. Take, for instance, a torture that was described by both Apuleius ( The Golden Ass) and Lucian ( Lucius, or the Ass ): A donkey would be killed, its belly sliced open, and the entrails removed.