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Success at research facilities and factories often hinges on strict control of air temperature and quality. To these environments, Daikin offers an abundant range of packaged air conditioners for precise control of air and temperature to help preserve accurate results and product quality.,suck vedios

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Using advanced inverter and heat pump technologies increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption and costs.,you poarn

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old men sex,Daikin provides a lineup to a wide range of applications that require high precision in temperature control and air quality.

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Daikin packaged air conditioners combine with ducts to distribute air only to zones and areas where needed.,hairy pussey

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Air conditioner compressors are driven by motor, and motor rotation speed depends on power supply frequency. An inverter modulates power supply frequency to control motor rotation speed. Inverters stabilize temperature by adjusting compressor operation according to load to eliminate waste and save energy.,fuck scene

Even adopting an inverter to the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units provides more precise control and contributes to energy savings.,

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When temperature is higher than set temperature, the motor rotates faster to lower room temperature.,parody porn

Motor rotation speed is adjusted to maintain a constant temperature.,tabu xxx

Motor rotates when temperature is higher than set temperature.,xxx supar

korion sex,When temperature approaches set temperature, the motor rotation speed is reduced.

japanese sex,Motor stops when temperature is lower than set temperature.

Variation width for temperature becomes large when temperature is adjusted by repeatedly starting and stopping the motor. Furthermore, the motor always rotates at constant speed, and energy consumption increases from the energy loss of starting and stopping.,wap in bf

indian sexz,Lowering motor rotation speed according to load reduces both variation width for temperature and energy consumption.

First Packaged Air Conditioner in Japan


In 1951, Daikin launched Japan's first packaged air conditioner to provide turnkey operation and begin its lead as pioneer in the commercial use air conditioning market.,rub a teen

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Daikin is a comprehensive manufacturer that also produces the refrigerant used in its air conditioning equipment.,x video 69

xxx photo bf ,Daikin's Policy and Comprehensive Actions

After Sales Service

A global support system delivers timely solutions to all needs.,taboo porn

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